UCFCI Ministries

UCFCI offers a wide range of ministries to holistically minister to members as well as our community. Here are the ministries that are operative at UCFCI!

Ministry of Missions

  1. Evangelistic Outreach
  2. Rowan Helping Ministries
  3. Rowan One Church One Child
  4. Genesis Eldercare Nursing Home
  5. Livingstone College

Ministry of Exhortation

  1. Praise Team
  2. Voices of Triumph (choir)
  3. Face to Face Mime Ministry
  4. Perfected Praise Dance Ministry
  5. Hospitality Ministry

Ministry of Christian Education

  1. Teaching Ministry
  2. Nursery/Pre-School Ministry
  3. Children’s Ministry (Elementary School)
  4. Youth Ministry (Middle/High School)
  5. Men's Ministry
  6. Women's Ministry

Ministry of Helps

  1. Temple Guard Ministry
  2. Multi-Media Ministry